SurfCon® Technology Introduction

Key Technology

Directional cross-linking technology and micro patterning technology enables to control the direction of adhesion force and provide enough horizontal grip but popping free when substrate is separated from the pad.

SurfCon® is inspired by

Advanced Polymer Engineering

SurfCon® is customized by

Precision Molding & Cutting

SurfCon® is designed by

Micro Patterning Technology

SurfCon® is manufactured by

Class 10 Quality Control

Benefit for Customer

SurfCon® prevents Wafer or Glass sliding which can cause unexpected tool down and helps to achieve cost saving of maintenance.
Throughput is rising with SurfCon® by increasing robot speed.
SurfCon® is hydrophobicity and chemically inert so able to minimize cross contamination and backside marks.
SurfCon® has very low popping force so displacement is minimized during substrate pick up and place.
Various shapes and customized design can be provided upon customer’s application

Cycle Test Comparison ,

Cycle Test Comparison ,

Wafer slippage comparison by wafer cycling test

Misalignment by Popping (SurfCon®)

Misalignment by Popping (Soft Elastomer Pad)

Optical alignment key measurement data (X,Y) with 1,000 cycles